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Friday, 20 March 2015

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King oyster mushroom belongs to order Agaricales of Class Basidiomycetes. It is native to Mediterranean regions of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It is also known as French horn, Trumpet Royale, King Trumpet mushroom, King brown mushroom and Kabul Dhingri. Its scientific name is Pleurotus eryngii. This mushroom was originally cultivated in Northern Italy and Switzerland where it is known locally as Cardoncello. Its cultivation on industrial scale began in Japan in 1995. In recent years, it has been commercially cultivated in many parts of the world like China, Australia, South Africa, South Korea and United States. It is considered as the best one of all Pleurotus species due to its excellent culinary properties and longest  shelf life than any other oyster mushroom. It has a pleasant aroma of almond and taste of Abalone. 
King Oyster mushroom in Faizabad

This mushroom has been successfully cultivated in District Faizabad(U.P.)during January 2015 - March 2015. Wheat straw was used as a substrate for growing this mushroom. It was washed in fresh water and then pasteurized in the solution of Formaldehyde (500ppm) and Bavistin (75ppm)for 18 hours. At the following day, it was spread over clean and inclined cemented floor to drain off excess water.Plastic bag technology was used in this experiment.
The beds were prepared from pasteurized substrate by multilayered (3) spawning. The mouth of bag tightened with fibre thread. The beds were then incubated in cultivation room under natural condition. When mycelia had completely covered the beds, the mouth of bags were opened and relative humidity was maintained between 85-95% with the help of humidifier.  
Harvested King oyster Mushroom

The mushrooms appear about 15-20 days after spawning. It produces almost 100% of fresh mushroom on dry weight basis of substrate.
This news has been published in various news papers.

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