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Thursday, 15 September 2016

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Notes on a new fungal disease of Alocasia indica

Short hole disease of Alocasia indica Schott, caused by Phoma exigua Desm., earlier unknown to India has been reported from Faizabad. The infection was chiefly confined to the margins of lamina. It started as small nonchlorophyllous spots near the fronds. The spots gradually enlarged irregularly upto 2-3 cm sq. area of the leaf, merged and in final stage, necrosis and then short holes appeared within a month. The pathogenicity tests performed by standard methods proved pathogenic nature of the fungus.(link)

Cited this as : R.S. Kanaujia (1978): Notes on a new fungal disease of Alocasia indica. Indian Phytopathology. 32(3): 463.


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