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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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Record of Periconia byssoides on Four 'O' clock plant from India

In September, 1978, the author observed plants of Mirabilis jalapa L. infected by wet disease at Faizabad. On examination the pathogen responsible for the disease was found to be Periconia byssoides Pers. ex Me'rat. The disease starts as a small gray patch at the nodes. The colour of infected region gradually changes to light brown due to the production of codiophores and conidia of pathogen. Within 12-15 days of infection the region of the plant above infected nodes showed wilting, finally the rotting and droping of the plant above it. The specimen has been deposited in the Department of Botany, K.S.S. P.G. College, Faizabad as Herbarium No. RSK-260. The present case is a new host record for India.  (PDF copy at Slideshare.net

Cited this as: R.S. Kanaujia (1982): Record of Periconia byssoides on Four 'O' clock plant from India. Indian Journal Mycology and Plant Pathology. 12(2): 243.


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