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Sunday, 1 May 2016

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Diversity of rust fungi in Oudh region of Uttar Pradesh

In all 207 rust species belonging to 15 genera related to 3 major families were recorded. Melampsoraceae having 4 genera with 16 species on 20 hosts, Pucciniaceae with 8 genera and 166 species from 22 hosts, and 3 form genera having 25 species from 31 hosts were identified. The host from 32 families of flowering plants were found parasitized by different rust species. Thirteen rust genera represented by 127 species were collected from 150 hosts of dicots and 7 genera with 86 species were recorded from 137 monocots; grasses being the main hosts. Poaceae widely followed by leguminosae dominated the spectrum of diversity. Poaceae alone contributed 85 hosts for 68 rust species. Amongst the total collection, 25 including 19 species of Puccinia, 4 of Uromyces and one each of Aecidium and Uredo warranted  attraction. Of the above, Puccinia cenchri, P. dietelii, P. fragosoana, P. leptochloae-unifloare, P. magnusiana and P. suveolens were new to India, whereas Puccinia cenchri on Cenchrus setigerus Vahl., P. dietelii on Chloris barbata Sw. and P. leptochloae-uniflorae on Leptochloa panicea(Retz.) Ohwi. constituted the new host records. (Full paper at Slideshare.net)

Cited this as: Kanaujia R.S. and C.K. Yadav (2003): Diversity of rust fungi in Oudh region of Uttar Pradesh. In: Frontiers of Fungal Diversity in India. G.P. Rao, C. Manoharachari, D.J. Bhat, R.C. Rajak and T.N. Lakhanpal (Eds.) pp. 271-295. International Book Distributing Co., Lucknow (India).


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