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Friday, 23 October 2015

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Parasitic Fungi of Faizabad, Alternaria

Thirty four species of Alternaria have been recorded on different plants at Faizabad. Several plants were parasited by the same species, on the other hand more than one species have been observed on the same host. Amongst total species, Alternaria tenuis was harboured by 46 plants, A. tenuissima, A. brassicae, A. cucumerina and A. solani had their lesser number whereas 23 species were restricted to only one host separately. (Full paper at Slideshare.net)

Cite this as- Singh C.S., Kanaujia R.S. and Chaudhary R.L(1975):Parasitic Fungi of Faizabad, Alternaria. The Botanique. VI(4):191-194. 


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