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Saturday, 17 October 2015

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Three new fungal disease from India

Leaf spot disease of Desmodium gyrans (Cercospora canescens)and Phragmites communis (Alternaria tenuissimaand a foot-rot disease of Coriandrum sativum (Torula herbarum f. quaternella) have been reported for the first time from India. The specimens have been deposited in the Herbarium, Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew, England and a part of collection has also been deposited in the Mycological Herbarium, Botany Department, K.S.S. P.G. College, Faizabad.(PDF at Slideshare.net)

Cited This as- Kanaujia R.S., Kishore R. and C.S. Singh (1978): Three new fungal disease from India. Acta Botanica Indica. 6: 92-93.


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